Deep Stress Relief

Stress is a normal and essential part of growing and learning. Without it we’d be lazy.

Sometimes stress is too great for our resources to deal with and that stress level differs for each person. When stress is too much to deal with, the overload on the adrenals can have a negative impact on:

  • our digestion,
  • our ability to rest properly,
  • our ability to concentrate and think,
  • our ability to respond to emotionally challenging situations.

Experiencing these challenges can have far reaching impacts on our health, our career, our ability to learn and our relationships.

Some people are naturally better at handling stress than others, but no matter what your threshold is, Kinesiology gives you the opportunity to change the way you handle stress in your life and for you to feel able to take on and possibly even relish the challenges you experience.

Combining Body Work and Energy Work to bring lasting stress relief

This mind body spirit stress relief technique not only alleviates the symptoms of stress but will support you in making whatever changes are needed to create a more stress free world for yourself.

  • I work with the body to bring relief to structural pain, aching muscles and deep weariness.
  • I include kinesiology techniques to address the causes of psychological and emotional causes of the stress.
  • I rebalance your energy system so you can move forward in a clear and conscious way.

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