Our Emotional Health is Vital to Wellbeing

To ‘be healthy’, we might need to look further than our diets and life style. Our emotional state plays a vital role in how our bodies are able to keep in balance.

Daniel Goldman psychologist and author of Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ  states, describes what he calls the ‘Amygdala hijack’

“The amygdala is the emotional part of the brain, which regulates fight or flight response. When threatened, it can respond irrationally. A rush of stress hormones floods the body before the prefrontal lobes (regulating executive function) can mediate the reaction.”

Inspite of being invisible, an emotional response to a situation can be a physically intense experience – good or bad.

Emotional Healing with Kinesiology

Emotion is energy. It is also an extremely valuable resource. When channelled well it becomes a source of great wisdom and strength.

With Kinesiology we work with body’s meridian energy system to release frozen emotions, stress and trauma locked away within our physical body and rebalance the body, freeing up resources to overcome or prevent illness. As we take the time to listen to the wisdom of our bodies, we reconnect and make peace with our emotional experience. 

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