Kinesiology for Children

Kinesiology is a gentle, natural therapy to help your child(ren) keep healthy and in balance. It is safe for all ages, from babies to teenagers, and can complement any other treatment your child is receiving.

Children tend to love Kinesiology. I can muscle test on a child from around 5 years old. For children under 5, I use their parent or guardian as a surrogate. What this means is that I muscle test on the guardian while the child or baby is present. They can be awake or sleeping.

We keep sessions to max 45 minutes for children.

How will my child benefit from kinesiology?

Everyone starts at their own unique starting point so every child will receive benefits particular to them and what they need. As a parent you will benefit by having more peace and calm in the house, and less time and energy spent worrying.

Some of the things you may notice:

Less aggression, better able to deal with emotions.

Some children find it hard to express emotions and you may be seeing and hearing outbursts that seem inappropriate to the problems they are experiencing. They may be experiencing a trigger you are not aware of or they have not have experience of another way to express themselves yet. Kinesiology can help them express feelings and needs and to feel more able to accept things that don’t go their way.

Calmer and more focused with better concentration.

Kinesiology helps brain activity and reduces sensory stimulation so it becomes easier for your child to think clearly. They can develop a better memory and start to enjoy learning, experiencing improvements in their reading, writing and maths.

Reduced reaction to foods and other allergens.

Allergy work is a powerful tool of Health Kinesiology which can strengthen and fine-tune your child’s immune system. Knowing what foods or products to limit and avoid gives your child an advantage in staying healthy, strong and well.

Better sleep.

When children feel more peaceful, less fearful and less stressed they sleep better. We can address fears and nightmares, bed wetting and sleep patterns with Kinesiology.

Improved co-ordination, better balance, improved sporting performance.

Brain integration is really helpful for all these things. Both fine motor skills and gross motor skills can improve with exercises and energy balancing.

Stress is a normal and essential part of growing and learning. Without it we’d be lazy. When stress is too great to deal with, however, it can have a negative impact on our digestion, our ability to rest properly, our ability to concentrate and think, and our ability to respond to emotionally challenging situations. Experiencing these challenges can have far reaching impacts on our health, our career, our ability to learn and our relationships.

Why one person handles stress better than another is a mystery. Kinesiology gives you the opportunity to change the way you handle stress in your life and for you to feel able to take on and possibly even relish the challenges you experience.

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